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Hi everyone and thanks for popping by my online home! I live in the beautiful city of Saratoga Springs, New York with my Hubby and three beauties ~ Anna, Livia & Janie Baby (who really isn't a baby anymore...but she'll always be my baby). We love the small town feel in this chic city of horses, history, and natural springs.

I'm a Southern girl transplanted up North. My love of photography started in my early teens. Flipping through fashion magazines - I loved to look at the clothes - but especially the posing and photography. All that time spent pouring over magazines guided me to the fashion world - with an early career of modeling and then an education at The Fashion Insitute of Technology in NYC. I've had a wonderful career in the fashion and home decor industries, while living in NYC and the Hamptons. My passion for photography came full circle when we had our first baby, Anna, in 2008 and snapping moments in time became an obsession for me. I have mentored with my most admired family photographers - two times with sarah beth photography (from Indianapolis, IN) & once with candice zugich, the Blissful Maven, (from Upland, California). I love learning and get so inspired by others. Just like any art, I feel my style is always evolving and I love seeing where it takes me.

In early 2018 I started working for Saratoga Living magazine and soon became their Senior Photographer. I have had my images grace their covers 5 times. It was such a thrill to shoot Red Sox icon, David Ortiz, as well as designer Ariana Rockefeller and more. Such a dream!

I am a girl that loves natural light but am also proficient in studio lighting too. I specialize in families and weddings and I love shooting outdoors and anywhere! I'm always scouting locations where the natural setting will be a beautiful backdrop for my photographs. In 2018, I opened up my in home studio and cant be happier. My goal is to photograph families doing what they do best....being families. I love the natural moments, unscripted shots, and genuine connection that happens in a family. Don't get me wrong ~ I'll make sure you have the beautiful family photo of everyone smiling at the camera. But I'll also give you the little moments only a camera can capture! I want my sessions to be fun and easy….full of laughter and smiles.

Bring your ideas to me and lets make something special just for you.

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Yes Please

1. rose’

2. Montauk           

3. Fashion (Dior, 90’s Versace, McQueen to name a few)

4. dinner with friends

5. peonies

6. period piece drama series (Downton, Poldark, Outlander sign…)         

7. interior design           

8. sushi

9. sunsets

10. lazy sundays with my family 

No Thanks

1. bloody Mary's

2. airport layovers

3 . watching sports on tv

4. fighting my way through a crowd

5. fake flowers

6. drama queens

7. removing old wallpaper

8. butterscotch

9. long, cold winters (you northern peeps know what I'm talking about)

10. slime (especially when it stains a homemade quilt)